Jerky the way nature intended.

It's something to get excited about.

Our commitment to redefine and support local

We partner with local ranchers across the West to bring you source-verified, local products from a variety of distinct sourcing regions. Arizona and Montana Crisps are currently available, with more locations soon to come!

Where we come from…Arizona Made

We began selling grassfed beef from Double Check Ranch in local farmers’ markets nearly 20 years ago, long before it was “discovered” by the mainstream. We have been part of a movement within agriculture to establish management ties with natural systems instead of in contradiction. This movement is exemplified by an aversion to monocultures and a preference for diversity in all aspects of our operations.

We believe that systems are more stable when they are supported from the bottom up instead of being “pushed” from the top down.

This philosophy has been embraced by a new foods movement, a kind of renaissance in the way that we eat. Recognizing that lowest price is not always the best value, this movement has been spurring the resurgence of pasture-based grazing, organic farming, and local farmers’ markets all over the country.

We noticed that wholesome jerky was practically impossible to find, let alone one that focused exclusively on grassfed beef. In the best of the entrepreneurial tradition, we saw an unfilled niche and worked to fill it.

What resulted was a clean, simple, delicious alternative to the standard jerky fare.

We hope you can appreciate not only the product, but the intricate layers of community, landscapes, animal husbandry, and land stewardship which goes into it.


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