Local. Grassfed. Wholesome.

Jerky as it should be. For the nature-lover, the health-nut and the pioneer!


Indulge yourself in a wholesome and sustainable treat.

Sourced from local ranchers and made from 100% grassfed beef raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, Grassfed Beef Crisps are a deliciously healthy choice.

The flavor comes from the beef itself, not from any additives, sugars, or ingredients we can’t pronounce. And the thinness of the Crisps means no wrestling with each bite. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, a quick protein boost, or as a compliment to a fine wine or craft beverage.

Thin-Cut, Artisan Beef Jerky

Each Crisp is carefully and thinly sliced, then dried to a satisfying ‘crisp.’ This thinness yields an exceptionally unique taste and, frankly, an entirely new jerky experience that is winning the hearts of the adventurous and health-conscious alike!

Each 1 OZ bag is dried from a full 1/4 lb of grassfed beef and contains 19g of protein – a minimalist when it comes to weight, but an over-achiever with respect to protein and nutrition. Did we mention they’re Paleo-friendly? With only 2-3 simple ingredients, and no added preservatives, even the most discerning label-readers will be happily impressed!

Whether you’re hitting the city streets or the dusty trail, Grassfed Beef Crisps are a true delight!



One of the world’s oldest foods gets back to basics…

There’s jerky and then there’s our jerky. We’re used to finding neon-wrapped jerky labeled with an unidentifiable ingredients sitting in the junk food aisle. It’s made in giant industrial batches using beef from all over the globe. It is soaked in a complex brew of preservatives, spices, and flavor “enhancers.” It is moist, tough, and chewy.

We believe jerky was meant to be better.

We think jerky should be light, crispy, and beefy. We’ve taken an older, simpler recipe and remade jerky in an image our forefathers would recognize. Our ingredient list is short: grass-fed beef and only one or two seasonings. Our philosophy is simple, too: “Good For You, Good For the Land.”

  • It should be preserved through thorough drying, instead of chemicals.
  • It should be made from beef raised on open pastures and fed only grass.
  • It should not contain additives.
  • It should be sourced from locally-raised animals, supporting local ranchers.
  • It should support local jobs and small-scale processors.
  • We think that jerky should be clean, simple, and straightforward.


And we think that you think so too.



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